Tibetan Mastiff

The Girl Behind the name

Harper is a one year old Tibetan Mastiff. This 120 pound giant is a true gentle soul. The reason Harper & Friends got started is because of this girl. Harper was an incredibly sick puppy. We switched her to a gently cooked and raw diet hoping that would help strengthen her immune system, which it did. However, she had a terrible allergic reaction to one of the store bought foods we gave her that landed her in the ER as she almost stopped breathing due to her tongue swelling. The lesson we learned was that not all foods are created equal, we needed to feed her quality products with minimal ingredients that we can trust.

Fast forward and we learned Harper was born with a heart that doesn’t function as efficiently as it should. To help her live a normal life as long as possible, we have dedicated ourselves into learning what natural foods can help her body function more efficiently. But it wasn’t that easy, of course! Harper is one picky girl and did NOT like some of the supplements we added to her food, like beetroot powder for her heart. So we had to find ways to hide her supplements in products that she will eat.

We decided to share with everyone the treats, chews, and infused honey we have been making because we know how hard it can be to find a company you can truly trust. All our ingredients are hand selected with your pets in mind, if we wouldn’t give it to our own dogs then we refuse to use it! We are excited for this new adventure and hope to have you join us along the way!

Dog Holiday Gift

Patton- Japanese Akita

Patton is a 3 year old Japanese Akita. We rescued him when he was a puppy living in Texas. He is the sweetest and happiest boy you will ever meet. I hope you like dog kisses!


Athena- Rhodesian Ridgeback Chow Pit Mix

Athena is a 3 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback / Chow / Pitbull mix. She was also a Texas rescue. Her mom was found on the streets with a liter of newborn pups. Athena is the most affectionate girl but is shy with strangers.

The Flock


Roosevelt- Cockatiel

Roosevelt is a cockatiel and is about 8 years old. We rescued him after his owner, a teenage boy, became too busy to care for him. He is the smallest in our little family, but is the boss.

Black Headed Caique

Eunice Black Headed Caique

Euince is a 13 year old Black Headed Caique that was born with a scissor beak (a twisted beak). However, Euince's beak does not hold her back one bit.

Cuban Amazon

Emily Cuban Amazon

Emily is a 15 year old Cuban Amazon rescue and is the most talkative girl. She loves to sing along to “Brass Monkey.”

Current and Past Fosters


Cleo- Chow Chow

Cleo was a 17 year old Chow Chow. Cleo was our first foster. We decided to foster her after hearing she was dropped off at a shelter in Bakersfield. While she wasn't with us she quickly became the boss of the house.


Lolly- Chow Mix

Lolly was our second foster. She is around 9 or 10 years old. She is currently enjoying life with her forever family.


Sampson- Chow Chow

Currently Available for Adoption through Shamrock Rescue