Freeze Dried Green Beans Marinated in Pork Bone Broth


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Green Beans as a treat are a great option for dogs that can benefit from shedding a few pounds.

While many dogs are perfectly happy with plain green beans, we decided to marinate them in pork bone broth to make them even more palatable.

What makes green beans an excellent option is that they are high in fiber. This can be beneficial as it makes the dog think they are full with the exception of some Labrador Retrievers, and Flat Coated Retrievers.

  • Approximately 25% of Labrador Retrievers have a genetic deletion in the POMC gene. The mutation disrupts the coding of two neutopeptides Beta-Melanocyte-stimulating hormone and beta-Endorphin. These are both involved in regulating appetite, and satiety. This is why even though they just ate, they still act like you haven’t fed them.
  • The deletion has been found to be more common in service dog lines and is also found in flat coated retrievers. Link to Study.

By making a dog think they are full, it makes caloric restriction significantly easier as they are less likely to manipulate/guilt you into giving more food because dogs are excellent at that.

Notes About The Green Beans Diet

While many vets recommend the green bean diet, it is not something that should really be done especially in the medium and long term because it will eventually result in nutritional deficiencies. This can ultimately hinder the ability for a dog to actually lose weight and cause further complications.

If you veterinarian recommends the green bean diet for any significant amount of time, we recommend consulting with a board-certified veterinary nutritionist to aid in the development of a proper weight loss plan.

Learn More about developing a weight loss plan

Ingredients: Organic Green Beans, Pork Bone Broth.

Treats/Chews/Supplements/Toppers should never make up more than 10% of daily calories. That is why we recommend also recommend rotating between different treats. Whether they are muscle meats or organs. Whether they come from the land or sea. Whether it is cattle, poultry or wild game. They all offer different levels and percentages of important vitamins, minerals, Types of fats, and Amino Acids. By rotating between treats you ensure your furry friends get a wider range of nutrients.

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