Freeze-Dried Functional Dog Food Toppers

Freeze-Dried Functional Dog Food Toppers
Freeze-Dried Functional Dog Food Toppers

Freeze-Dried Functional Dog Food Toppers

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  • Freeze Dried
  • Antioxidant Boost
  • The Right Omega's EPA+ DHA
  • No Artificial Additives or Preservatives
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Upgrade your pup's regular meals with Our Freeze-Dried Functional Dog Food Toppers! Packed with the natural ingredients, they supplement your pup's meals with a delicious taste they will love. With a variety of flavors, the toppers are perfect for bringing back the joy of eating for picky dogs.

Our Functional Toppers are similar to our Single Protein Dog Food Toppers. The main difference is the inclusion of Wild Caught Salmon (15%), and our Antioxidant Boost (12.5%), with both replacing a portion of the muscle meat (Not Organ Meat) in each of our Single Protein Dog Food Toppers.

Salmon (15%)

Besides Salmon being extremely palatable for most dogs and cats, Salmon is also a valuable source of the Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. These are the omega 3's that are lacking in most commercial pet foods and are the specific omega 3's responsible for the positive health effects. These fatty acids are critical for overall health, including supporting healthy inflammation response, aiding cardiovascular health, and contributing to healthy skin and coat.

Antioxidant Boost (12.5%)

Our Antioxidant Boost is a combination of 17 different fruits, vegetables, and herbs. While we call it our Antioxidant Boost, the phytochemicals found in plants do much more than quench free radicals. Some phytochemicals have anti-aging properties, some are chemo preventative, some are nephroprotective some are cardioprotective These phytochemicals provide a whole host of health benefits beyond just quenching free radicals.

While having nutrient profiles is great it has led to a very myopic view of nutrition where we overlook all of these smaller compounds. 

While most of the time, when you see these and other similar fruits and vegetables included in dog food or treats, they are included at extremely low amounts, often times below 1% in both foods and treats. We went with 12.5% as a balance between including higher levels of these phytochemicals and palatability because while many dogs would be perfectly happy with a higher inclusion of phytochemical-rich plants, some dogs wouldn't, and if a dog doesn't particularly like it, it's not doing one of its primary function of making them want to eat their food.

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