Infused Honey

Infused Honey for Dogs

We know the struggle of thousands of pet parents out there whose dogs don’t want to take their supplements. Cheese, Pill Pockets, Mixing it in with food. Dogs can always find a way to avoid taking them, and who can blame them. Many Pet parents struggle to get their dogs to even take the ones that are disguised as treats. Harper has spit plenty of them out. It can be frustrating as I’m sure many of you know.

That is why all of our supplements are infused in Honey. Our Infused Honey Supplements are highly palatable for even the most picky of dogs. Honey doesn’t just make the Honey more palatable. It also provides some amazing benefits itself. We use Raw Honey sourced right here in Southern California. The reason for using raw honey is that the heating and processing of honey takes away some of the health benefits that honey provides.

We Believe that Food Is Medicine to a certain extent. Many dietary spices and herbs contain a variety of active components that provide various beneficial effects.

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