The Girl Behind the name

Harper-Tibetan Mastiff

Patton-Japanese Akita Inu

Patton is a 3-year-old Japanese Akita. We rescued him when he was a puppy living in Texas. He is the sweetest and happiest boy you will ever meet. I hope you like dog kisses!

Athena-Rhodesian Ridgeback / Chow / Pitbull mix

Athena is a 3 year old. She was also a Texas rescue. Her mom was found on the streets with a liter of newborn pups. Athena is the most affectionate girl but is shy with strangers.

Emily-Cuban Amazon

Emily is a 15 year old Cuban Amazon rescue and is the most talkative girl. She loves to sing along to “Brass Monkey.”

Eunice-Black Headed Caique

Eunice is a 13 year old Black Headed Caique that was born with a scissor beak (a twisted beak). However, Euince's beak does not hold her back one bit.

Roosevelt- Pearl Pied Cockatiel

Roosevelt is a cockatiel and is about 8 years old. We rescued him after his owner, a teenage boy, became too busy to care for him. He is the smallest in our little family but is the boss.

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Our Senior Fosters

The Minute We Stop Learning, we begin the process of dying. — Leo Buscalia

Below are some of the resources that we recommend.

  • Nutrient Requirements for Dogs and Cats by the National Research Council
  • Applied Veterinary Clinical Nutrition
  • Small Animal Clinical Nutrition
  • Safety of Dietary Supplements for Horses Dogs and Cats
  • Veterinary Herbal Medicine
  • Chinese Herbal Formulations for Veterinarians
  • The AAFCO Manual

Knowledge is never static. It is constantly evolving. That is why it is important to never stop learning and reviewing the latest research, and that means more than just reading the abstract. We follow the research being conducted by more than 200 different researchers across the world.

While certain companies and influencers bemoan the fact that industry funds much of the research into canine nutrition and health, this is also because governments across the world provide very little funding for companion animal research.