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All Treats are made by hand by us at a Commercial Kitchen in Laguna Niguel, CA. 

None of Our Treats are Co-Packed or Private Label

Years ago, we tried adding a veggie blend to Patton and Athenas Food. They were not amused, and anytime I (Samantha) touched their food dish, they wouldn't touch it. I had violated their trust by trying to get them to eat something they didn't want.

That is why we prioritize not only making healthy treats but also treats that all dogs will enjoy, even if they contain things that they would rather not eat.

Protein is the most common allergen for dogs, which is why we place a larger emphasis on single species with limited exceptions.

Contrary to what many claim single ingredient does not make really make for a better treat. Protein allergy is the most common allergen, which is why we place more of an emphasis on single species instead of single ingredient with the exception of our training treats.

While almost all of the ingredients we use are human-grade, we also recognize the value of ingredients like Green Tripe and Lung, which are not human-grade. While Bleached or Scalded Tripe is human-grade, Green Tripe is not, and Animal Lung is never considered human-grade period in the United States and hasn't been since 1971. That, however, doesn't make them bad or inferior to human-grade cuts of meat.

Besides being calorically dense. Peanut Butter is exceptionally high in the inflammatory Omega 6's, and dogs don't need more omega 6's in their diet than is already present in their food.