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Nutrition You Can Trust

We believe your dog’s treats should not only taste great, but each ingredient should serve a purpose in your pet’s health. We all complain about filler ingredients in our pet foods. The same should apply to their treats as well. We don’t believe in using calorie-dense ingredients that provide little to no benefits.  We offer quality treats for every kind of budget. Every ingredient has been hand-selected to serve a purpose in the health of your pet.

Everything is made to order

All Treats are made by hand by us at a Commercial Kitchen in Laguna Niguel, CA. 

None of Our Treats are Co-Packed or Private Label

Every ingredient in our treats is local to Us.

We do not use any ingredients that we classify as a filler. This is however based on our subjective definition of filler, as there is no true legal or commonly understood defintion.

This ones pretty straight forward.

While we and our dogs may love peanut butter, given the Canine Obesity epidemic we feel it is best to stay away from many of the calorie dense treats that include peanut butter

All of our treats have at most 5 ingredients. Most of which are from a single species.

All of our ingredients are selected to serve a purpose in maintaining a healthy dog.

Dog CBD Safety Study

There are probably, at this point, thousands of CBD pet products. Ranging from tinctures, soft gels, gummies, treats, and CBD Peanut Butter or Coconut Oil

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