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Not Just Antioxidants

    Across our PhytoActive Dog Treats, we use a total of 52 different Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Spices, and Oils. 36 or 70% of which are only used in one of the treats. 

    Each ingredient is a rich source of different phytochemicals and other small molecules that are often overlooked, due to not being classidied as essential nutrients.

    Each of the phytochemicals or compounds have the potential to support health, via diverse mechanisms not strictly related to their function as an antioxidant. 
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    While the development of the nutrient guidelines has been an important step in preventing nutritional deficiencies, it has led to an extraordinarily narrow and reductionist view of nutrition. We see the trees in front of us (Essential Nutrients) but miss the forest beyond (All the Other Compounds in Food).

    While many of these compounds might simply be beneficial, it is likely that some of them are actually essential nutrients albeit in small amounts.

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