Bison Tripe Mushroom Blend

Bison Tripe Mushroom Blend
Bison Tripe Mushroom Blend
Bison Tripe Mushroom Blend

Bison Tripe Mushroom Blend

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  • No Artificial Additives or Preservatives
  • 670 Mgs of Organic Mushroom Extract Per Treat
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One of the biggest challenges with providing mushrooms to dogs is palatability, as some, such as Reishi Mushrooms, are bitter while others have an Unami or Earthy taste, which can be off-putting for some dogs.

While mushrooms can be a great and healthy addition to our furry friend's diet, it's important to keep in mind that feeding them something they may not enjoy can affect the trust they have in us as their caregivers, especially picky eaters.

While there are mushroom treats that seek to address the palatability issues, many of them are largely composed of less-than-stellar inactive ingredients to make the mushrooms more palatable. 

This is why we pair our Mushroom Blend with Bison Green Tripe.

While many people find tripe, to be off-putting, Green Tripe is among the most palatable ingredients for most dogs and cats. While liver is more palatable, it's nutritional profile means it should be used much more sparingly.

Tripe is also a healthy addition in its own right, as it's a valuable source of Choline, and several technically non-essential amino acids such as proline, and glycine which serve important functions for gut health.

Why a Mushroom Blend: Beyond Beta-Glucan Content

While each mushroom is rich in different phytochemicals, they also vary in beta-glucan content, which means the beta-glucan content is easily manipulated in any multi-mushroom supplement.

While Beta-Glucan content is important, there are significant differences in Mushroom beta-glucan

  • molecular structure and confirmation, ie some are highly branched, some are fairly rigid
  • molecular weight, some are 8 kDa (Kilodalton), while others are well over 2000 kDa.

It is these molecular differences, along with the different Phytochemicals, Glycoproteins, Nucleotides and Nucleosides that make each mushroom beneficial in their own distinct way not just beta glucan content. The simplest and most defined example is the effect of molecular weight and structure on the bile acid binding capability of beta-glucans, but research also indicated the immunomodulatory, anti-tumor activity, modulation of the gut microbiome etc. is heavily impacted by the molecular weight and structure.

Bison Green Tripe, Mushroom Blend (Organic Lions Mane Extract, Organic Reishi Extract, Organic Turkey Tail Extract, Organic Cordyceps Extract, Organic Maitake Extract, Organic Chaga Extract, Organic Shiitake extract) 

Unfortunately, our mushroom extracts only come from the fruiting body and do not come with the mycelium. While we would love to use an extract that includes the mycelium, the extracts that do include the mycelium also come with a high amount of the growing substrate, which is not ideal.

One Treat Per 30lbs

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No Cheap Fillers and thats the truth

Most supplements make extensive use of fillers aka inactive ingredients. Some supplement companies advertise no fillers, and then you see 15 inactive ingredients. which make up 92% of the supplement. This is another reason why our supplements seem to be more expensive, and that’s because our supplements are all active ingredients, not Garbanzo Beans, and glycerin.

If your dog is picky and doesn’t like powder added to their food, we offer several delicious, healthy, nutritious and beneficial in their own right powdered Flavor Enhancers such as Krill, Freeze Dried Goat Yogurt, Freeze Dried Quail Egg Powder, Freeze Dried Single Protein Dog Food Toppers that can be mixed in with the supplement to entice your dog.

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The above is by no means an exhaustive list..