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Freeze Dried Fish Dog Treats
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Freeze Dried Fish Dog Treats

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  • Omega 3's EPA & DHA
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Treat your dog to our freeze-dried fish dog treats. Each of our freeze-dried fish (Smelt, Sardines, and Mackerel) are valuable sources of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA.

Feed them the nutrients they need for a shiny coat, a healthy heart, and overall well-being.  Your pup's tail will be wagging so fast, they'll be a blur! Show your pup how much you care with these tasty treats that are full of nutritional goodness.

The Benefits of Feeding Fish

Omega 3's EPA & DHA

EPA and DHA are the omega 3 fatty acids that most dogs would benefit from adding to their diet.  This is partly due to the fact that the conversion of Alpha Linoleic Acid (ALA), to EPA and subsequently DHA is low in dogs and almost non-existent in cats.

This is why even though; EPA and DHA are not technically essential nutrients for adult dogs; the benefits of Fish Oil supplementation (EPA and DHA) are widely recognized.

EPA & DHA Anti-Inflammatory

The benefits of including more omega 3's and, more specifically, EPA and DHA are that both EPA and DHA produce potent anti-inflammatory metabolites called resolvins, and it's these compounds that make including Fish Oil a valuable addition for conditions where reducing inflammation is paramount. This is why no reputable company would use plant or seed oils to help manage arthritis because relying on the conversion is wholly ineffective for anything other than possibly improving the skin and coat where it has more to do with the addition of dietary fats and the sparing effect of ALA on the omega 6 fatty acid LA than the conversion of ALA to EPA. Additionally, Fish and Fish Oil have a more favorable Omega 6 to 3 Ratio overall. 

Whole Fish vs Fish Oil

While for the management of certain conditions, fish oil is preferred due to the dosing required, there is a benefit to giving whole fish. While most extracted fish oils are in ethyl ester form, when consuming fish, they are in their natural triglyceride form. Which research indicates is more biologically available than those provided in ethyl ester form.  


Sardines, Mackerel and Smelt are each planktivores, located lower on the trophic scale, meaning they are lower in mercury and other toxins that accumulate in larger fish. 

Small Dog Friendly and Suitable for Training

Given the small size of the smelt it can be a fantastic option for small dogs and cats. The Freeze-Dried Smelt can also be used for training as fish is a high value treat for many dogs. Reward your pup with a snack that's packed with flavor and nutrition—it's a win-win for both of you! Plus, with its small size, these treats are the paw-fect size for any pup or kitty.

Easy Chew or Pill Pocket 

Both the Sardines and Mackerel can make a great option as a healthier and more effective (Palatable) pill pocket. No more struggling with those stubborn pups! Make giving medication easier and more enjoyable by breaking up the Mackerel or Sardine and placing the pill inside. Goodbye, stress—you won't have to fight with your pup about pills anymore.

Given the Size of both the Mackerel and Sardines, they can also be used as an easy chew. It's the perfect size for a healthier and yummier pill pocket, plus it can be used as an easy chew. 

Other Nutrients of Interest

While we don’t have data on the CoQ10 and Taurine levels in Smelt, both Sardines and Mackerel are valuable sources of both CoQ10, and Taurine. The benefit of giving the whole fish is the head comes with it. The Head is significantly higher in sphingolipids such as Sphingomyelin than the rest of the body. Sphingolipids as a whole have been gaining more attention in recent years particularly as it relates to cognitive function, and gut health.

Notes about Size and Nutritional Value:

There are seasonal variations in the size as well as the EPA and DHA content of both the Sardines and Mackerel.  

Feeding Instructions

Treats should never make up more than 10% of daily calories. That is why we recommend also recommend rotating between different treats. Whether they are muscle meats or organs. Whether they come from the land or sea. Whether it is cattle, poultry or wild game. They all offer different levels and percentages of important vitamins, minerals, Types of fats, and Amino Acids. By rotating between treats you ensure your furry friends get a wider range of nutrients.

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