Venison Kidney PhytoBrain Treats

Venison Kidney PhytoBrain Treats
Venison Kidney PhytoBrain Treats

Venison Kidney PhytoBrain Treats

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Venison Kidney PhytoBrain 

Our Freeze-Dried Venison Kidney PhytoBrain Treats are a healthy and delicious way to sneak in a healthy dose of nutrients and phytochemicals with neuroprotective properties, whether it is antioxidant support, decreasing inflammation, supporting healthy autophagy, reducing the expression of Amyloid-beta precursor protein, decreasing the expression of TNF, increasing mitochondrial respiratory capacity, inhibiting the aggregation of tau, or influencing BDNF.

Venison Kidney

Why Venison Kidney: Venison Kidney is a valuable source of all the B Vitamins. While Kidney isn't as high in B Vitamins as Liver, it doesn't bring with it all of the preformed Vitamin A, Copper, and other minerals that comes with the use of liver which ultimately limits most dogs to one or two treats a day.

Kidney is also only slightly less palatable than Liver. The additional B Vitamins can be beneficial in lowering blood homocysteine levels, which is considered a modifiable risk factor in human Alzheimer's research. Venison Kidney is also a valuable source of both methionine and tyrosine. Methionine is a required amino acid that is required for the synthesis of S-Adenosyl methionine (SAMe). While Tyrosine is converted to Catecholamines.

Phytochemicals and other Small Molecules

Neuro Blend

Krill: EPA, DHA, Astaxanthin, phosphatidylcholine

Lingonberry: Resveratrol, Astragalin

Natto: PQQ, Nattokinase Genistein, Spermidine, Sphingolipids, phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylethanolamine, and Phosphatidylserine

Spirulina: C-Phycocyanin, Tryptophan 

Pomegranate: Ursolic Acid, Ellagic acid (Urolithins)

Turmeric/Black Pepper: Curcumin (Black Pepper to Adress Curcumins almost Nonexistent bioavailability by itself)

Spearmint: Rosmarinic Acid

Cordyceps Mushroom Extract: Cordycepin

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Oleocanthal, Oleuropein, and Verbascoside.

Green Tea: EGCG

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